Monday, March 1, 2010

"WE ALL IN" mix cd news

(above is not the final cover - cover art will be coming soon)

sup yaw its taken me 6 LONG months to finish the "we all in" mix cd. what origionaly started as a collection of songs i had recorded throughout '09 - that i whas gonna put together on a cd for free - quickly grew into a full album of new material. this IS MY BEST WORK TO DATE "we all in" has 14 songs. i cant wait to drop it! i added 2 BIG DJS dj ill will and dj rockstar to help me present this cd the right way!

as of right now the cd is done! 3 songs are left to be mixed. hopefully those songs will be done this weekend!

song titles so far (may change) -not in order-

happy new years- freestyle
we all in
swagga jackin
all i know
exhibit b
i aint goin back
head rock
thinkin bout me
im here now
only in california
bootleg liquor
freestyle 1 + 2

bonus songs:
cant go
you can find me

production: traklordz, dem jointz, erk tha jerk, midi mafia, dae one, rock it science, noah ayala

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