Wednesday, August 11, 2010


jus got out the studio wit mitchy slick and john brown working on mix cd wit demolition men. damn we got sum dope shit also found out dj devro from demolition men is a RAW producer. we did 3 or 4 joints. demolition men "one west v.3" hosted by balance and mitchy slick coming sept.

also met wit royalty, one shot mike to possibly shoot a video for a joint i got tha ladies gonna go crazy for called "1 or 2 times".

waiting on clean of "im here now" video so i can send to sum public video channels.

next video: "swagga jackin"

also cop my nig messy marv new cd "thizz city" he put "swagga jackin - bay remix" on there!

more music to make, more money to get! lets go #weallin

quote of the week (i thought of this one) :

A dream is very religous. U fight and push forward witout knowing the outcome but faith keeps u going. #weallin